Timo Nevalainen

Artist(s):Erkki Nurmela Date:1998 Medium:pencil, watercolour Dimensions:106 x 75, 106 x 36 cm

Timo Nevalainen (b. 1939) served as Professor of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Turku from 1981 to 2002. During his career, he also served as Research Associate at the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Electron Microscopy at the University of Turku in 1966 and 1968–1971 and as Docent in 1971–1980.

The portrait of Nevalainen in the University’s art collection was made by Erkki Nurmela (b. 1948). Drawn in pencil, the two-part portrait depicts Nevalainen working with a microscope. His head is eclipsed by an orange circle, while a vivid yellow beam glides over the microscope in front of him. Brown and red blocks dominate the portrait’s right-hand part. Nurmela studied at the Drawing School of Turku Art Society in 1970–1973. His principal media are drawing and watercolour painting.

Emma Vuolaslempi 2024

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