OLO N:o 44

Artist(s):OLO-ryhmä Date:2009 Medium:polished steel Dimensions:160 x 70 x 70 cm Collection:Finnish State Art Deposit Collection, Finnish National Gallery, V-2009-121 Location:Educarium and Publicum, Assistentinkatu 7

Established by artists Pasi Karjula (b. 1964) and Marko Vuokola (b. 1967), the OLO Group’s site-specific series of the same name originated in Tampere in 1990. Like the other works in the OLO series, OLO N:o 44 (2009) consists of polished-steel spheres of varying sizes. The artwork comprises six parts – each formed from three steel spheres that have been welded together – scattered around the University’s Educarium and Publicum buildings. The State Art Commission commissioned the work from the artists in December 2007. It was unveiled at the University of Turku on 3 September 2009.

Emma Vuolaslempi 2024

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