Eero K. Neuvonen

Artist(s):Hannes Siivonen Date:1964 Medium:oil on canvas Dimensions:70 x 53 cm

Eero Kalervo Neuvonen (1904–1981) served as Turku University Library’s acting Chief Librarian in 1941–1945 and as Chief Librarian from 1945 to 1969. During his term, the library moved to new premises on Yliopistonmäki (University Hill). Neuvonen was a philologist and a romanist and served as Docent of Spanish at the University of Turku from 1943 onwards. He studied Arabic loanwords in the Spanish language in his doctoral dissertation (1941). His major work, the Spanish-Finnish dictionary, was published in 1951. Neuvonen was awarded the title of Professor in 1967.

Neuvonen’s 60th birthday portrait was painted by artist Hannes Siivonen (1898–1972). Siivonen was a close friend of Volter Kilpi’s (the former Chief Librarian) and worked as Turku University Library’s caretaker from 1929 to 1946. Siivonen studied at the Drawing School of Turku Art Society in the late 1910s and served as its headmaster in 1946–1950. Known as an Expressionist and a colourist, the artist was part of the Pro Arte artist group in Turku in the 1930s.

Emma Vuolaslempi and Tutta Palin 2024

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